A visit to Rijeka


Croatia is one of the hottest European destination these days, having emerged as a prominent tourist destination, particularly in recent years. Here is everything – or almost everything – you will want to know before planning a visit to Rijeka.

The third city in Croatia in terms of size, but also a great hub, Rijeka is the top port city in the country. Providing the most breathtaking views over the Adriatic Sea, the city is an amazing destination for all of those who love a seaside holiday; and there is just so much more in store for anyone ready to come explore the town.

So aside from basking in the hot sun for months on end, here are some of the amazing sights that you really need to put on your travel list:

Do you like castles? If the answer is yes, then take a tour of Trsat Castle, one of the most emblematic sites in town. Perched high on a hill, there is not much left off the medieval 13th century citadel, but it does provide the most scenic views over the city, the Rječina River valley and the Adriatic Sea. it is a sunlit spot that will bring up all the optimism and energy of a happy holiday.

St Vitus’ Cathedral is not only the most visited church in the city, having been erected in honor of the city’s patron saint, but it also benefits from a unique, round architectural style. It was built in 1638 by order of the Jesuits and boasts with the most beautiful marble arches and the most peaceful atmosphere.

And the Maritime and History Museum is a place where you can learn it all both about the sea life and about the local history. It is a delightful place of culture and fun in equal measures.

When the moment comes to go back home, a Rijeka airport transfer will definitely be the best choice for you.