Split Croatia

Split Croatia

How to reach Split Croatia

Split International Airport is 25 km from the center of the city and receives flights from many cities in the world and many flights from UK from all London airports and as well from Moscow (Aeroflot , Malev, Austrian Airlines). The airport is connected to the city excellent motorway and a regular bus service. As the bus is very crowded and not at any hour of the day we suggest private Croatia airport transfers that most of the time will be cheaper then the bus or a local taxi. When planning a trip , it is worth pondering is that at the beginning of the season direct flights from UK to Split can be quite cheap with low cost flights, as it is performed only on scheduled flights of airlines and also on charter flight program in Split will start in late May. The other airlines begin to operate flights in this area much later , that’s when the market there are suggestions for cheap tickets.

A1 motorway allows easy access to the city from the mainland by car. In case you want to visit more places and cities in Croatia then we suggest to take rent a car from Spit car hire, at the best rate on the market.  The city is connected by national marine ferry lines with the cities of Rijeka and Dubrovnik , with the islands of Brac , Hvar, Solta , Vis, Korcula and Lastovo , as well as international ferries to the Italian city of Ancona , Venice and Pescara .

It is 20 km from the city, on the road to Trogir, is an international airport . Split – the most southern point of the Croatian national rail network , but the line is not electrified at Split , and is used very loosely.

Interesting Facts about Split Croatia

Croatia is Split city’s unique architecture, where they found refuge all imaginable styles. The city is beautiful, contradictory and full of surprises. His story riddled with dramatic events and the presence of many different civilizations.

Residents of the city say, on the streets of Split different eras linked clothesline that stretched between the houses.
Perhaps it really is. How else would they get along so different, in such a small town? The main, best known landmark of the city are the ruins of Diocletian’s Palace, a giant building, covering an area of ​​215 by 180 meters, and is one of the largest in the world.

Beaches in Split Croatia

Beaches Split Croatia

Beaches Split Croatia

As a resort , Split has a very attractive beach and very clean, and I can add without any exacerbation – the cleanest beach in Europe. The sea in Split has a bright turquoise color ( in some way , due to deposits of marble-like on the bottom of the sea , give the water a unique flavor and color) and a surprising transparency so because of that you can see beautiful corals, even if they are in only 50m depth. You can be amazed of the attractive and picturesque landscape of the Split region where pine forests can be seen very close to the water that can provide a very good and natural shelter from the summer heat.

The climate is mild, Mediterranean, so therefor is very suitable for any kind of people from young or lone travelers to the big families. Some local people say that 3 weeks in the region will give you a good charge of health for three years.

Restaurants and shops

Not only the sea , the sun and the climate give pleasant moments of those who rest in Split. Many cafés and restaurants open their doors every day and serves European , Asian and , of course, the local cuisine. As you know , the Croatian cuisine is based on seafood and fresh vegetables. Heat treatment is applied is minimal, mostly grilled or steamed , so all the products retain their beneficial qualities.

Of course, most of the tourists trying to bring souvenirs from vacation spots . In this regard, Croatia – a country of amazing . There were invented such things as fountain pen , men’s silk socks and silk ties . Perhaps it is only a legend , but that many of these things being taken as souvenirs from Split . And yet – incredibly delicious cheeses , prosciutto and Croatian wines have absorbed the sun and generosity Croatian Croatian land.
Hotels and apartments

As in the whole of Croatia, Split diverse proposals for hotels, villas and apartments. They can be rented in town and on the nearby islands, which adds romance and relaxation originality, the most famous of the islands of Brac and Hvar are. I must say that it is on the island of Brac are the residence of celebrities such as Sophia Loren, Sylvester Stallone and others. But even more than the houses of celebrities, fame brought this island career, which produces a beautiful, bright, ivory, stone used for paving and masonry walls. Career those known since ancient times, the stone of which made ​​the lightest and most ornate of Croatia. In addition to these islands from Split are located near national parks such as Krk, Plitvice Lakes and Kornati. All of them are very picturesque and will leave to visit them a lot of pleasant memories. It is interesting to visit the town and the nearby Makarska, Tucepi Baska Voda, Trogir, Shibenk. They are all very pleasant, interesting and original.

Entertainment, sightseeing and attractions of Split Croatia

Main point of interest around here – Diocletian’s Palace , rectangular mini-city , separated from the rest of the high walls of Split and extremely rich in monuments of ancient architecture. The south wall of the palace facing the waterfront , north – to the park Shtrossmayera , east to the town market , and the western to the People’s Square and the old town around it
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